15th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting admin July 20, 2023

15th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting

We are pleased to announce the 15th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting to take place in Salzburg on September 19-21, 2023 with a session on Nanomedicine!

The Meeting has the title:

Life Sciences and cutting-edge technologies”

The Life Sciences are driven by ever improving technologies, to profile the omics in single-cells and with spatial resolution, to represent the physiological context in organoid models, to extract knowledge with data science and machine learning, and many more. Cutting-edge technologies have great potential but also challenges, and are highly transferable between scientific disciplines. In this meeting, we will discuss intricacies of technologies and their applications in the Life Sciences.

Scientific Program Outline

Check online the list of confirmed speakers sharing their latest research.

At the ÖGMBT Annual Meeting, young scientists are strongly encouraged to submit their abstracts for short talk and poster presentations. This provides an excellent opportunity for early career researchers to share their research with a wider audience, receive valuable feedback, and build their professional network.


The ÖGBMT Annual Meeting is the melting pot of the Life Sciences in Austria. In this meeting you can expect to expand your horizon by learning about technologies and disciplines outside of your immediate field of focus, to meet colleagues with complementary expertise and future collaboration partners, and to encounter faculty and students that may become your next employer or employee. Altogether, we look forward to great science, open discussions, and networking.