In retrospect – BioNanoNet Annual Forum & Networking Session 2023 admin October 3, 2023

In retrospect – BioNanoNet Annual Forum & Networking Session 2023

On 13 September 2023, the BNN Annual Forum took place in Vienna, Austria. 

The focus topic of the event was “Biofunctionalization”. However, several further competencies of the BioNanoNet Association members and collaboration partners, including NanoMedicine-Austria experts, were presented.

Sebastian Schwaminger from the Medical University of Graz presented his research results on “Combining Nanotechnology and Millifluidics: Sorting of Yeast Cells according to their Age”, while Ulrich Lächelt from the University of Vienna talked about his research on “(Metal-)Organic Nanopharmaceuticals for the Trans-port of Biomolecules across Cellular Barriers”. The presentation slides are available at the BNN website – take a look if you missed these interesting presentations.

The evening ended with a networking dinner enjoying a wonderful view of the city and interesting and nice conversations. The event was a great success and provided a great opportunity to connect with other experts in the field of nanomedicine and beyond.