NanoMedicine-Austria Session @ BioNanoNet Annual Forum, 27 Sept 2022 admin September 15, 2022

NanoMedicine-Austria Session @ BioNanoNet Annual Forum, 27 Sept 2022

NanoMedicine-Austria contributed a session to this year’s BioNanoNet Annual Forum, which was hosted by UMIT Tirol. The session started with an introduction about the NanoMedicine-Austria platform, its vision and mission, previous activities and planned next steps. After this introduction and overview provided by Susanne Resch (BNN), a key note presentation on “Bioinformatics in Nanomedicine – Applications and Challenges” was given by Thomas Mohr (ScienceConsult), Co-Chair of NanoMedicine-Austria. In his talk, Thomas Mohr took all participants into the world of digitalization and presented the connecting points of bioinformatics with nanomedicine, highlighting the different fields of applications and what needs to be considered scientifically.

The day continued with networking and b2b call matchmaking meetings, and ended with a nice BMT2022 pre-conference dinner in Innsbruck city. We would like to thank all participants for joining us, and specifically Daniel Baumgarten (UMIT), Co-Chair of our platform, for hosting us! If you are interested to get more information about NanoMedicine-Austria and our activities, feel free to contact us anytime.

Susanne Resch (BNN) presenting the NanoMedicine-Austria platform

Thomas Mohr (ScienceConsult) giving the keynote presentation