Overview admin September 13, 2022


Nanomedicine opens up fascinating new chances for medical applications by offering improved methods for drug delivery systems, imaging techniques and diagnostic tools. The national technology platform NanoMedicine-Austria brings together bio- and nanomedical experts to promote science and research in this field. Its mission is to build references on Austria’s nanomedical research and innovation capability, and to achieve joint impact through community-driven activities. Embedded in the European nanomedicine ecosystem, the regional competences are connected internationally.


  • Tackle medical challenges to achieve a more efficient and affordable healthcare, as well as new solutions to improve medical treatments
  • Contribute to a better understanding of biological processes in the human body at the molecular and nanometric levels
  • Connect experts in the nanomedical field
  • Create synergies through multidisciplinary cooperation
  • Support the Austrian nanomedical community and link it to European and global initiatives
  • Enhance access to national and international research projects and funding
  • Provide support in nanosafety, quality and sustainability issues to meet regulatory requirements
  • Facilitate close collaboration with industry to allow large-scale manufacturing production of efficient and safe nanopharmaceuticals